Monitoring Services

We offer continuous monitoring (24 x 7 x 365) of many enterprise system components. The connectivity to provide these services is typically via the Internet. We monitor events for the status of devices and also offer monitoring of programs and processes at the system level or within applications.

We can monitor alerts, which are pre-set utilization thresholds within hardware, network or application components. All events and alerts are logged in our problem management system with customer specific action procedures. We also have the ability to determine root causes of problems when multiple events and alerts occur simultaneously.

We offer reporting for in-depth analysis of areas such as system performance and capacity planning. Customized solutions are also offered.

Metrics collected with our server monitoring include disk space, memory, and other customer specified elements.

We have expertise in providing these services for all Windows operating systems.

We monitor, administer and maintain each device specified by the client including such components as routers, switches and hubs.

This service includes continuous monitoring (24 x 7 x 365) of the each required enterprise network component.

Our application monitoring allows our customers to have a higher level of reliability from their enterprise applications.

This service offers two kinds of application monitors: 1) Yes/No condition checks (used to check if a service is running or has completed successfully), and 2) threshold checks (type of monitor where limits are set and a calculation is performed to determine if the service is within the limits).